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The 4 Best WordPress Popup Plugins to Boost Conversions

If you want to increase the number of newsletter sign-ups and upsurge leads or grow the number of subscribers, totaling opt-in and popup forms to your website will help. Moreover, there are sufficient options due to the frequent WordPress popup plugins that are obtainable. However, selecting which plugin is the greatest is a lengthy process.

In this article, we’ll discuss WordPress popup plugins and clarify the compensations for using them on your site. Then, we’ll give you the top seven of the most actual choices to select from.

Let’s get started!

What are the key features to look for when purchasing a popup WordPress plugin?

Before diving into the list of top WordPress plugins, consider the features that make a popup builder exceptional.

A drag-and-drop editor that works. Relax to use, and a simple drag-and-drop editor is a prominent chin that sets apart the top WordPress popup plugins and other ones.

The aptitude to easily adapt the popups to fit the panache and style of your WordPress website makes an enormous impression on the user experience.

  • Beautiful themes and templates that are pre-built

Most actual WordPress popup plugins bid frequent pre-built templates that you can choose from. The finest plugins will let you generate different popups, like tacky bars, messages on the side, and full-screen popups.

It’s also crucial to look for popup software that allows you to venture and adapt themes. The design options (like backgrounds and fonts) could be combined into every popup campaign you make and save you a lot of time.

  1. Advanced methods of targeting

Monitoring which users are shown diverse ads is essential to getting the most out of your popups. It ensures that your customers only obtain messages that they are attentive to evade the prevention caused by seeing a lot of non-relevant popups on your website.

It’s value looking into the ways to board the WordPress popup plugin delivers with esteem to different payment levels. You may need to purchase an upgrade version of the popup plugin to access more advanced features and options for directing.

  1. Popups with powerful analytics that can be triggered

The importance of popup analytics is that you must be able to regulate how well your popups are doing. At the very least, you must be able to attach your popup plugin to Google Analytics, but some of the greatest actual popup plugins provide particular, detailed popup analytics.

A/B testing is crucial, as likening different versions of your campaign are the best method to upsurge your adaptation rate.

The Best WordPress popup plugins

Once you know more about the many ways you can use popup plugins, let’s take the time to look through some of the best selections. To generate this list, we measured the standing of a few factors containing features and functionalities, updates and support, and price. Here are four of the most effective WordPress popup plugins!

  1. Optinmonster: An undisputed lead within WordPress popups

OptinMonster is amongst the most well-known WordPress popup plugins obtainable. The free tool was bent to help you promote and upsurge sign-ups for newsletters. The simple-to-use Popup inventor and template library allows you to create great popups and subscription forms on your WordPress website in minutes.

It also offers personalization, targeting, and optimization tools. Apart from the A/B Test, the software allows you to accumulate respected statistics and insight into the efficiency of your alterations.

The Key Features of OptinMonster:

  • Drag-and-drop popup maker
  • Pre-built popup templates
  • Instinctive dashboard
  • Exit Intent Technology 
  • Page-level targeted and modified
  • A/B test 
  • Analytics from popups
  • Marketing incorporations for email

OptinMonster is a perfect choice If…

… it’s trying to project exit-intent popups to your website. Because of its limited Exit Intent Technology, OptinMonster shines in this field. It also bids a free version that allows you to generate forms and numerous plans if you’re looking for more advanced features and functions.

The Optinmonster Pricing: free Premium plans start at $9 per month.

Optimonster bids a popup creator with drag-and-drop abilities to create popup ads without the obligation of preceding experience in design.

  1. Popup Maker: Full-featured popup builder for WordPress

If you’re trying to project emails for your website, Popup Maker is a perfect WordPress popup plugin that is valuable a look. It’s more multifaceted and complicated than the other options on this list. But it could be an advantage if you’re looking for a simple option for beginners.

It is conceivable to use a combined interface matching The Classic WordPress editor to make a new popup. 

Underneath the editor, you can effortlessly change the settings of the popup. You can, for occurrence, make triggers, choose the circumstances to target, and much more.

The Key Features of Popup Maker:

  • Email opt-in, content updates, and lead generation popups (and more)
  • Form builders’ additions with the builder
  • Click-based triggers and timed delays
  • Targeting with provisional conditions
  • Analytics for popups (Premium)
  • Exit-intent popups (Premium)

Popup Maker is the right choice for you.

Suppose you’re searching for an elementary and straightforward popup maker tool. It’s also an excessive option if you’d like to upgrade in the future if you want to add more advanced options.

Popup Maker Pricing Free and premium plans begin at $87 per year.

  1. Bloom: Design the first popup maker

Bloom is our lead generation plugin that is obtainable for use at no cost as an Elegant Themes member. It’s a fundamental tool that allows you to effortlessly turn your site visitors into loyal customers and subscribers.

With Bloom, you can design specific content to help upsurge your email subscriber list and advance engagement. Furthermore, you can select from our comprehensive library of over 100 attractive designs templates:

The plugin also contains six display types. These contain an auto-opt-in popup, fly-ins, below-content opt-ins, and more.

The Key Features of Bloom:

  • 100+ design templates
  • Widespread design options
  • 6 types of display
  • The user’s actions trigger
  • 19 integrations for email marketing
  • Display selections with high-quality, targeted design
  • Custom admin panel dashboard
  • 24/7 Support

Bloom is the best choice If…

You’re previously an Elegant Themes member and are searching for an informal, productive, effective, and powerful method to comprise popups on your WordPress website. The plugin is modest and tremendously adaptable, containing dozens of incorporations for email marketing and a general assembly of pre-designed templates.

Bloom Pricing: this is free with the purchase of an Elegant Themes membership, opening at $89 for a year.

Icegram Engage: is a low-cost WordPress popup plugin.

Icegram Engage is a WordPress plugin that leases users to build popups as lead magnets, opt-ins, leads magnets, call-to-action buttons, and advancements on your website. It delivers diverse custom options for generating designs for these mechanisms, along with precise statistics and reports. One of my preferred features is the advanced targeting options, which allow you to display popups for specific people depending on their location or the device they are using.

Essential Features for Icegram Engagement:

  • Assortment of customizable options for popups, lead magnet opt-ins, and other preferments.
  • Form-based instinctive construction
  • A/B Testing
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Templates for campaigns

The plugin is tremendously customizable and allows you to adjust the content’s verbosity and layout to modify your campaigns. It can also flawlessly participate with the most popular email benefactors like MailChimp, constant contact, or MailerLite.

Icegram Engage could be designed for you If…

… You require a collection of custom replacements for making popups or opt-ins, lead magnets, and other elevations that comprise detailed examination reports. Be conscious that you’ll require the premium version to use the whole suite of tools.

 Icegram Engage Pricing: No cost Premium plans start at $129 for the year.

  • Control of the time-display
  • Real-time tracking


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