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The Best WordPress Grid Plugins 2023

If you’re looking for new and advanced ways to display your content on your site, this list of the top WordPress grid plugins could be supportive.

Once you’ve installed one of these plugins to your website, you can project custom grid layouts, which are occupied with the content you want to parade. The grid layouts will display on your site, providing your invitees with a new option to involve with your website content.

Founded on the plugin you select contingent on the plugin you select, you may be able to produce grid layouts that vitrine the most current posts from your blog, the most prevalent pages on your site as well as photos of your WordPress Media Library that you’d like to vitrine in a set. Some plugins permit you to show content from other bases in your designs, like videos on YouTube or photos taken from Instagram.

When you choose the right plugin from this assortment, it is crucial to consider what kind of content you’d like displayed on your grids. A mainstream of the top grid plugins for free propose good provision to add WordPress pages and posts to your grids, while premium plugins characteristically bid more options in what kinds of gratification you can show in your grids, including videos, products from e-commerce as well as social media posts.

Extra things to think about are the technique you’d like to use to regulate what gratification will be composed in your grids and the layouts you’ll need to look like. Some plugins abridge things by providing you with elementary filters. In contrast, others have progressive options that permit you to describe the precise content on your site or other sources displayed on your networks. Some grid plugins deliver various layout templates, whereas others have manufacturers that permit you to generate your own modified and exclusive layouts for your grids.

There’s a diversity of options in this section, and you’re certain to find the greatest solution for your website within our assortment of the top WordPress grid-based plugins.


Table of Contents

  1. Essential Grid (Premium)
  2. WP Ultimate Post Grid (Free)
  3. Media Grid- WordPress Bundle Pack (Premium)
  4. Media Boxes Portfolio (Premium)
  5. Media Grid (Premium)
  6. The Post Grid (Free)


1.Essential Grid (Premium)

Essential Grid is the top-selling WordPress grid plugin presently obtainable.

If you’re searching for a knowledgeable and verified WordPress grid plugin that has been well-received amongst its customers, Indispensable Grid is the greatest choice. The plugin was hurled in 2014, and since then, Essential Grid has been frequently adapted and updated to convert one of the most prevalent plugins for WordPress crossways all classes. With more than 42,000 sold up to date and a normal score of 4.72 five stars by users, it’s sensible to say that if one purchases Essential Grid for your WordPress website, you’ll likely consider it to be an astute venture.

One of the motives Essential Grid has developed so loved is the comfort with it is the ability to generate a broad range of video, image, or audio-based galleries. When you generate these images on your website, Essential Grid lets you choose from various sources, including social media platforms like Instagram and Flickr, and video hosting stages like YouTube or Vimeo. With this plugin, you can effectively shape any gallery grid.

When selecting what grids you want to project, you can choose from a diversity of grid designs within the Essential Grid plugin package. As you would reflect on one of the well-known WordPress grid plugins, all grids that are shaped using this tool are mobile-friendly, guaranteeing that it seems as attractive on smartphones with small screens as on enormous desktops.

To support you in getting the most worth from this plugin, the inventors of Essential Grid have formed a video tutorial series that clarifies how the plugin functions. So, whether your brand is open to learning about WordPress and you are a skilled website administrator, this is the plugin to aid you in beginning work using grids and galleries in more ground-breaking ways.

With nearly boundless creative potential, Essential Grid is a dependable option to add this feature to the WordPress website.

2.WP Ultimate Post Grid (Free)

WordPress Ultimate Post Grid has decent provision for custom post types and many filtering choices for your grids.

Together with the capability to show blog posts and pages inside your grid layouts WP Ultimate Post Grid also can work with dissimilar types of posts. Because of this, should you have shaped extra types of posts yourself or have connected a plugin that uses these types, you’ll be able to integrate that gratification into your grids. If you’re using an application for proceedings for occurrence, you could be able to generate a separate layout to display your events in a similar way you do for blog posts.

When you set your grids and delineate the way they are intended, it gives you a fair degree of control over the result, particularly with a free plugin that works in this method. A few of these options comprise the option of collating the content in a diversity of ways, the opportunity of adding custom links to grid items, which will income your users to an exact URL you’ve set, as well as the competence to upload routine images to the Grid’s content or even exploit the images that are contained in their Grid.

You could also integrate pagination into your grids rather than displaying the whole fillings on one page. In addition, you can add filters on your grids, allowing your users to control what they see. Another significant feature of WP Ultimate Post Grid is the competence to make bottomless links to grids that filter on your website. Moreover, everything shaped by this plugin is mobile-responsive, guaranteeing that it looks spectacular across all strategies.

If you’d like more evidence about the plugin before installing it, you can look at images of the back-end user border and the kinds of grids it can create on the WP Ultimate Post Grid page. You can also select the opportunity to advance to the more expensive version if you outgrow its competencies with this plugin for free.

The features involved in this program are clarified in tutorial videos to ensure everybody can use The WP Ultimate Grid.

3.Media Grid- WordPress Bundle Pack (Premium)

Media Grid WordPress Bundle Pack is a package that comprises one plugin and two add-ons.

If you like the sound of the Media Grid plugin enclosed previously but would also like to get a grip on the two add-ons obtainable for it, the Media Grid WordPress Bundle Pack is what you’re after. Not only does purchasing the bundle pack shorten the procedure of solving all the features of this plugin, but it can also save you money associated with buying the mechanisms distinctly.

When you install the Media Grid plugin on your website, you can effortlessly generate exclusive and filterable layout grids to display an extensive range of content. You can also use the graphic grid builder tool to generate custom layouts, counting layouts enhanced for mobile devices. Cheers to the 10 preset styles; you can rapidly produce striking media grids with this plugin.

However, once you stimulate the overlap manager add-on in this package, you can do much more with the Media Grid plugin. As the name proposes, this add-on lets you generate overlays. When the pointer moves over them, these are displayed on the upper of your grid content, such as images.

You can see instances of the overlay presets on the plugin page, but to give you an idea of what you can do, some examples comprise overlays that comprise buttons, text, and links, to name just a few. You can modify all of the overlays to guarantee they work in the way that you need.

The other add-on in the bundle is the Progressive Filter add-on. This tool lets you add practice filters to your grids. Your guests can then use the filters to control the stuff displayed in the Grid. For example, contingent on what filters you generate, you could give your companies the aptitude to filter out all of the grid elements that are a convinced color, size, or price.

This package is extremely suggested if you want to add progressive filters and overlays to your grids.

4.Media Boxes Portfolio (Premium)

Media Boxes Portfolio is a multi-purpose WordPress grid plugin that bids an extensive range of selections for layouts and settings.

Whatever kind of gratification you’d like to showcase in your grids or dissimilar layouts, the MediaBoxes Portfolio plugin will be in a location to support you in attaining your purposes. Suppose you’re looking to show blog content from your site in grid-like layouts or post a set of images using Pinterest-like layouts or current evidence in diverse ways. In that case, MediaBoxes Portfolio is an extremely operative WordPress plugin that is value consuming a closer look.

With solid support for an extensive range of media, which contains videos and images occupied from the WordPress Media Library and outwardly hosted media, the Media Boxes Portfolio offers you many choices when it comes to publishing grid layouts on the WordPress website. In totaling to repurposing material from other websites and counting blog posts or images, you can also make characteristic content that you can contain in grid layouts, like evidence regarding your staff or services.

Media Boxes Portfolio also has good eCommerce support, offering an additional way to cabinet your items. Due to the suppleness of the plugin bids, it is thinkable to extend your items the way you desire by merely adding a Media Boxes portfolio to the website of your WordPress web store.

The powerful filtering competencies in Media Boxes Portfolio are an additional motive for looking into this plugin. Every Grid or layout you produce will comprise a filtering system that licenses your users to select the content on display. You can also adventure the filtering tools while producing a new layout to specify exactly what’s displayed on that display.

Another option you can choose from with Media Boxes Portfolio comprises the search feature that can be counted into your layout, permitting your users to search the content allocated to your modified layout.

Since Media Boxes Portfolio has frequent features, it’s thought-provoking to envision a condition where this plugin would not be ideal.

5.Media Grid (Premium)

Media Grid is another well-known high-end WordPress grid plugin that has a recurrent and diverse feature list.

With over 12,000 sold, Media Grid might not be as well-known as Essential Grid, but it’s still a well-known tool for adding arresting grids to your WordPress website. With the accompanying features provided by Media Grid, it doesn’t matter what gentle content you’d like to display on your website overriding this plugin, nor how you’d like to extend it.

With support for videos, images, and audio formats, you are gifted to add closely any media gratified into your grids. This comprises the competence of socializing and matching numerous formats into one Grid. It is also conceivable to readily display WordPress content, such as pages and posts within your modified grid layouts, letting you design stylish pages of archived blog posts on your site. It is also conceivable to use this plugin to show harvests from the WooCommerce store in various ways.

Once you’ve chosen the content you’d like to incorporate into your grids, you’ll determine what they should appear like. With a variety of styles to select from, you can quickly alter the look of your display. If you prefer a more hands-on approach to design your grids, utilize the customizer control to create your unique style for your presentation. With the help of Grid, the maker interface is visual; anyone can utilize this feature for the WordPress website.

There are other ways to adjust your grids:

  • Choosing among the dissimilar pagination selections
  • Counting sliders to your display
  • Adding icons to your layouts

Furthermore, you can use the CSS editor for more control over the design of your grids.

If you want to design grids that display still or dynamic information, Media Grid is more than passable for the task.

6.The Post Grid (Free)

The Post Grid is a permitted WordPress plugin designed to display posts and pages in a grid-like layout.

With this plugin, which is allowed and vigorous for your WordPress website, you can rapidly and naturally create modified grid layouts overloaded with your selection of substantial content from your website, like pages and blog posts. This way, it is conceivable to take custody of your blog post archives pages and other sections of your site that display an overview of your content.

When you design your grids, you have admittance to helpful filtering tools which permit you to regulate what content will be displayed on the Grid. Because of this, you can select only to show blog posts chosen in a precise category on your site or eliminate convinced websites from your Grid. You can also sort posts by the author making. The Post Grid is an appropriate tool to comprise author archives on your website. It’s also informal to regulate the maximum number of pages or posts to show in a grid layout. Because you can add more measures to your filters, you’ll be able to describe evidently what content you want to display on your grids.

Once you’ve resolute what content will be displayed on the Grid you’ve shaped, this tool will stretch you a dressed degree of control over how your Grid will be displayed. By choosing the selections, you can select the number of columns the Grid includes, whether or not you wish to permit folio, or not, and the size of the featured image you wish to show. The procedure of publishing your grids is informal using The Post Grid plugin. Just use the shortcode shaped for every Grid to add grids to your page or post or substitute options to show your lattices on other pages on your website.

If your needs grow shortly and you require access to more functions, There’s also a more sensible pro version that is upgradeable to enter more templates and more control over the look and layout of grids.

If you don’t require the competence to display videos and images within your grids, this plugin is faultless for layouts that show the blog’s posts in a grid-like format.

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